Value is arguably one of the most misused words in the English language. How does one predict and receive value through executive search? In our opinion there are five components that will lead to value: Experience, judgment, diligence, integrity and passion. Without any one the value of a search will be diminished. So how does Eastwood embody these attributes?


In 30 years of search and recruiting experience there is a high probability that we have experienced a similar search challenge. No one is immune to error but experience reviewed over time can greatly reduce repetition of mistakes.


Hard to define but after working with business people from literally hundreds of industries trying to succeed common themes emerge. These, when internalized and critically reviewed over time, engender deep experiential judgment that is invaluable in search.


There is literally no replacement for hard work when it comes to search. An exhaustive process of selection and evaluation to reach the utmost solution is the goal every time. Typically I contact several hundred of people per search to reach an optimum result. Typically several hundred people are contacted per search to reach an optimum result


Each client must know that the process described and sold at the beginning of a search is what actually happens. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In a business that is frequently driven by quotas and volume, clients must rely on the integrity of their search partner to assure a commitment to project completion.


Without the spark that turns a job into a career the above can seem mechanical and hollow. Passion for the best result is what we strive for in every search and what we look for in others. Passion is a prime motivator and a significant predicate of success in all endeavors.