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Who I Am
and What I Do.

Walter Critchley has over 30 years’ experience in executive search. As a founding member and president of the largest search firm in upstate New York, he built the practice from a 3 person consultancy to a multi-million dollar enterprise. He sold his interest in the company in 2008 and formed Eastwood Executive Search. His firm focuses on providing executive search services to small and mid-cap firms and non-profit organizations within the upstate region.

Walter has personally conducted hundreds of searches in his career and brings a wealth of experience to clients seeking a seasoned veteran to guide the search for talent to a successful conclusion. Unlike large search firms hiring Eastwood Executive Search guarantees complete and direct involvement of the principal throughout the process. This is particularly important on challenging assignments.

After working with every conceivable type of firm and management style Walter can quickly assess talent inside and outside of an organization, assist in developing success metrics, and focus disparate groups toward project completion. A critical thinker he can help firms visualize and articulate requirements, take the objectives to the market, and get results. Since forming Eastwood Executive Search. Walter has completed 100% of the searches he has directed.

Work and

  • 2010 -  Present
    CEO - Eastwood Executive Search

    Current focus is on working with regional organizations to improve corporate governance, executive leadership, and overall search strategy.

  • 1979 - 2008
    President - Cochran, Cochran & Yale

    Founded and led this firm for nearly 30 years. Worked with hundreds of leadership teams to define and locate the best possible talent for their organizations.

Select Clients

  • "Without your assistance, we would not have been able to conduct such a broad and efficient search, and most likely would have settled for a lesser candidate."

  • "Walter has a highly systematic method of sourcing the most qualified talent through his unparalleled network of influencers."

  • “From the word “GO”, you helped the committee to shape our definition, understand our priorities, and move forward quickly to set us on track for an efficient search. Your insights from decades of experience were extremely valuable in leading our team down the critical path to success.”