Eastwood Executive Search

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The best talent is never simply available, rarely looking, and challenging to locate. We have the proven ability to uncover the hidden talent that can leverage your organization.

What we provide

A nationally competitive search firm located in the Upstate region.

  •  - 100% partner level attention to all stages of every search.
  •  - Clear deliverables defined from inception.
  •  - The judgement and critical thinking that comes from 30+ years in executive search.
  •   -Unmatched rigor to the search process.
  •   -100% search completion.

Who we partner with

Eastwood executive search provides the highest value to clients with the following:

  • - Headquarters or substantial operations in Upstate New York.
  • - Position is deemed critical to an organizations success.
  • - Strong belief in the value of top 10% performers
  • - Critical time or confidentiality constraints.
  • - A commitment to diversity.

  • "Without your assistance, we would not have been able to conduct such a broad and efficient search, and most likely would have settled for a lesser candidate."

  • "Walter has a highly systematic method of sourcing the most qualified talent through his unparalleled network of influencers."

  • “From the word “GO”, you helped the committee to shape our definition, understand our priorities, and move forward quickly to set us on track for an efficient search. Your insights from decades of experience were extremely valuable in leading our team down the critical path to success.”